Marcela Rubio Blázquez

Marcela is a psychotherapist who specializes in New German Medicine, BioNeuroEmotion, Biodecoding, and Pathwork. She live in Mexico, part time in San Miguel de Allende and part time in Playa del Carmen, and accompanies people from all over the world via Skype, Facetime, and WhatsApp.  She helps on issues related to the “biological stress” related to illnesses and the programs and images that determine their difficulties and experiences overcoming life.

She also work with couples, accompanying them so they can understand their power struggle and be more accepting towards each other by understanding that relationships are the best schools for developing consciousness.  

Vanessa Schilling

Vanessa serves as Marcela’s aid and business associate and oversee the management, operations, logistics, and strategy of these retreats. She started as a patient, then an ongoing student of Marcela for the past 3 years now and has been fascinated with the work and message she has to offer. 

With this said, they have gathered to form a one of a kind vacation to transform your life.  Vanessa’s experience is based on almost two decades in hospitality.  She has worked several upper management positions for leading hospitality brands as well as luxury travel agencies around the world to bring you this one of a kind experience.  They join forces to give you an unforgettable encounter.